Coronavirus Update: A List of All Cases in the United States

Coronavirus Update: A List of All Cases in the United States

How Deadly Is The China Coronavirus For Australians

Recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus ever revealed the outbreak is much worse than previously reported. Early reports by the Chinese government said the virus had an incubation of two weeks and said that only a few hundred have died. This resulted in people suspected of being exposed to the Coronavirus being quarantined for a two-week period. The problem is we now know that the incubation. Is actually far longer and people may not show symptoms but carry the virus for up to four to six weeks. That means that people who were previously quarantined for the initial two week period were then let go but little did they know they were still spreading the virus.

How Fast Will Coronavirus Spread

How its spreading

Another previously reported fact about the Coronavirus is that it is spread through physical contact, bodily fluids, and orifices. We now know that the newly renamed Corvid-19 virus is Airborne and is spreading through the ocular surface. That means that dozens and dozens of frontline medical workers who have been where around the virus are now exposed.  1 Micron masks were thought to be sufficient previously but now full face masks and pressurized environments are required. China is now facing a new crisis because it’s frontline doctors are now coming down with the Corvid-19 virus themselves. The early safety measures were not actually enough to stop the spread of the virus. Early speculation that the Chinese government was not being completely honest about the virus of now essentially been confirmed.

Shrouded in secrecy

In fact, the actions of the Chinese government shows that it had more information about the virus than it previously let on. The government began building quarantine facilities to hold thousands of people weeks ago when it said the virus was under control. Yet they still told the world that it had a two-week incubation. And was not airborne. It is looking more and more likely that the virus was actually a man made virus and perhaps a biological weapon. Some speculation on the fringe even suggests that China may have deployed the bio weapon on its own people as a form of population control. These are just conspiracy theories at this point and there is no way to prove whether the virus was indeed made in a lab.

Whistleblower doctor

Even the Doctor Who was healthy and in his 30’s that reported on the coronavirus earning him the title whistleblower doctor has now passed away from the virus. Eerie video of Chinese government workers going door-to-door in the city of Wuhan and locking residence in their own homes is circulating the internet. As things progressively get worse and even the doctors become ill, resources are becoming stretched then and the people who were locked in their homes may now die in them without enough people to check on their well-being. Other videos show men in hazmat suits with rifles surrounding citizens up in Wuhan and taking them against their will into quarantine facilities.

Many of the people in the video were struggling to get away and did not want to be put in with infected people.

Travel bans

With such a dark disaster looming just over the ocean, Australians may be wondering how this could impact them. For now, I travel ban remains in effect and no cases have been reported in Australia. However, there have been 13 reported cases of Corvid-19 in the United States. There are also over a thousand people currently in quarantine who were traveling in China around the time of the outbreak. There is very little information about the quarantine facilities in the US and what kind of treatment people are receiving there. One thing is certain about Corvid-19, it is progressively getting worse and so is the situation around the world.

Tips to stay safe

Avoid contact with anyone it’s possible, wash your hands frequently, and avoid traveling to any countries currently reporting cases. If you do become sick, be sure to go to your doctor immediately and do not take any chances. There isn’t much for Australians to worry about at the moment as no cases have been reported anywhere in the country. With the proper travel bans in effect and strict quarantine measures employed by China, the United States, and other similar countries, hopefully no cases will appear in Australia.


Dr. Joni Yamamoto, MD

15 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update: A List of All Cases in the United States

  1. As a parent I sometimes worry about the corona virus affecting my family. My daughter goes to a daycare across from a military base with a bunch of military kids, which means increased exposure to travelers. I work at a restaurant near the base and my restaurant sees a lot of military personnel as well. I think of the transmission of germs just from eating out, I touch their plates, silverware, cups, etc. I also live in an apartment and wonder if the vents would need to be covered to protect us from other apartments should the time for that come.

  2. A big problem with the coronavirus is that it is very quickly mutating and thus it is difficult for our bodies to develop antibodies to fight it. The bad cold and flu symptoms cannot be stopped and just like the flu killed 80,000 people this year in the US, the coronavirus will be deadly in similar ways if it continues to spread.

  3. If this comes to the USA in a large number we are in trouble because our private health insurance sucks!!! and a lot of folks do not have any insurance.

  4. The coronavirus is a really scary epidemic happening in the world right now. Anybody that comes in contact with someone that could possibly have the disease is at risk of getting it. Including fire fighters, paramedics, hospital workers and other medical people. If you think you have flu symptoms you should get to your doctor as soon as possible to get on medicine for it.

  5. I think that the USA shouldn’t be too worried about a spread of the coronavirus. Most deaths are from people of older age and very young ages, these people also had underlying health problems which probably explains why they got sick so easily. The virus can spread through person to person and was thought to be only spread by certain animals. As long as China quarantines Wuhan and has careful checkpoints at airports then it won’t get out of hand and less people would be likely to get the virus.

  6. I think it’s over-hyped and ultimately will be about as dangerous as precedent virus scares from China, like SARS or the Bird Flu, both of which were touted as apocalyptic and both of which never really panned out to be as scary as the media portrayed them.

  7. The coronavirus is contagious to at least 2 Meters (over 6 feet), so it can be contagious beyond just close physical contact. Because it’s both highly contagious AND easily transmitted, this virus has the potential to spread very quickly.

  8. The origin of the virus appears centered around the Wuhan region of China. The virus has sparked fears of a global outbreak, and has prompted Chinese authorities to suspend travel and certain public events in the area. There are rumors of security breaches around medical research facilities, although these have not been confirmed by officials.

  9. The coronavirus that originated from China is popping up in countries all over the world. There are around 6,000 confirmed cases so far. and the number continues to climb. Scientists are racing to create a vaccine. Although it may seem scary, it is not necessary to panic as there are less than ten confirmed cases in the USA. The government is taking the necessary steps to prevent those that may be infected from entering the country.

  10. It was very dangerous The fast-spreading infection, which causes pneumonia-like symptoms, has prompted Chinese authorities to quarantine several major cities and some Lunar New Year events were cancelled.I think the government of china must need the medicine to control this kind of virus.


  12. The newest virus that hit China, the coronavirus, puts a spotlight on a country that already fought hard SARS and birdflu in this century. This time, the epicenter of the outbreak is the city of Wuhan and, with the proliferation of social media, the eyes of the world are truly watching.

  13. Even though the corona virus is based in an area relatively far away, what makes the virus potentially dangerous was the fact it began to spread around the time of Japanese new year. This means that many people traveled who possibly could have been exposed to the virus.

  14. Healtcare workers, and workers in the transportation sector are at the largest risk of contracting the virus because they interact with so many people coming from all over that might have been exposed. This virus is capable of being contracted from person to person, and originated in Wuhan Province, China. The symptoms of this virus are common respiratory symptoms that usually present themselves after 3-4 days. Later stages of this virus present pneumonia like symptoms which are resistant to traditional antibiotics.

  15. The coronavirus is thought to have originated in a seafood market in China. Experts are speculating that the infection originated from snakes sold there.

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